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Some ice cream is better than udders.

We're here to show you why.

Flavor Highlights

New Year's Confetti Cake, Lavender, Cinnamon Roll, and more!

What makes us unique?

At The Twisted Cow, we believe that ‘there’s freedom in being unique,’ and it’s a philosophy we wholeheartedly embrace. What sets our shop apart is our unwavering commitment to uniqueness in every scoop. From monthly flavor rotations to customizable shakes, scoops, and floats. We’re dedicated to using high-quality ingredients made by us, free from artificial colorings and flavorings. Every batch of ice cream is crafted fresh in-house, embodying our belief that true freedom lies in the ability to create something distinctively delicious. Whether you savor a scoop or savor a shake, our devotion to delivering an exceptional, one-of-a-kind ice cream experience is a testament to the power of being uniquely ourselves.

Check us out @thetwistedcowshakes

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